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Who are we?

My name is Mark Kenneth Thomas, but you can call me KT. I grew up an avid sports card and comic book collector in an entrepreneurial family in the Detroit Michigan area. By age 13, in the early 90s I started doing local sports card shows on my own. Seeing my gumption for the hobby, by age 15 my father began investing in my passion and we opened a 1000sq ft collectibles store in suburban Detroit. After a few years life took me off into other directions. By 1998 the store was closed and I was deep in pursing a career in the action sports world, touring and competing at some of the highest levels nationally. As that part of my life came to a close, I ventured into a professional music career which has sustained me for most of the past 20 years. Now as I have yet again transitioned in life over the past few years I have reignited my passion for sports cards and collectibles. 

As I have come back into this hobby, that was such a core of who I was for the first half of my life, I have fallen back in love with "the chase!" Nowadays they are referred to as "hits. Opening a pack and pulling out a big card in that set. At age 14, there was very little that felt that exciting! For me it was chasing Shaq or Sergei Federov rookies!  

In my teens, my dream was to rip a 1986 Fleer Basketball pack and chase that Michael Jordan RC. Even in the early 90s that pack was financially out of my reach. I remember laying in bed thinking about how I could save up just enough to buy 1 pack and take a shot at that Jordan Rookie! I never got there. And even now, with finances solid as an adult, that pack is still a little outside of reach at $1500 or more. BUT as I have explored the hobby I have been inspired by the concept of the "group break" where we all pitch in together and go after a product like this. I might not be able to drop $1500 for a whole pack, BUT I can definitely drop $150 or so in a group break for a piece of that action! I fell in love with this idea, and with live-stream technology keeping the process transparent, coupled with professional authentication that packs are untampered with made the breaking model perfect for high-end vintage packs! 

So here we are, full circle. While still working in music professionally, still skating when I have time, its now time to bring my first love back into the fold! Chasing those dream cards and opening some dream wax!

I hope to help others like me capture that childlike nostalgia, chasing down those legendary cards together.

*Note, I will not be taking part in any of the breaks to keep the integrity of the break intact unless we do some some sort of group equity investment where the whole group owns a percentage on ALL the cards from that pack or break. 

Thanks for the read. Looking forward to connecting with you everyone in the chats during the live streams and of course, pulling gems and chasing those PSA 10s!

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