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What Do We Do?

My name is KT and I have a passion for breaking into vintage and rare, unopened sports cards! Wax packs, Cellos, Boxes, whatever! We want to get into these legendary packs and pull out those legendary stars! 

We offer you an opportunity to buy into a dream pack for a fraction of the price that it would cost to buy the pack itself. For most breaks, we offer a randomized card in that pack. Say the pack holds 13 cards, we sell 13 spots for that pack. When the pack "sells out", via Live Video Stream, each investor will get randomly assigned a card spot in the pack, we will then break the graded seal, open the pack and watch together as we see what cards are inside and who find out what each slot holds for that investor. Our goal is absolute transparency for the buyers. We will list each buyer, 1 through 13 and then feed those names into a public domain website to establish a completely random order of those buyers. Spot 1 after the random shuffling will get the top card, spot 2 will get the second card and so forth. Everything is done live on air and you instantly know the card position in the pack you are getting!

Now the fun stuff! We break that pack open and mine for the gems! Live on stream you will watch as we open the pack and then we go top to bottom, showing an uplclose look at each card, front and back. You will know on the spot exactly what card you pulled from the pack!   

We will then insert your card into a labeled card saver (per PSA grading standards). When your card is a high end hit or flirting with coming back a PSA 10, we will get it professionally graded for free! When it's a really high end hit, we will communicate with you about how you want to navigate grading as PSA can take months to return grades. For nicer mid-range pulls, we will use some of the smaller grading houses for a quicker turnaround. 

Also, as often as possible, we lean heavily into opening professionally graded and authenticated as untampered, unaltered and unsearched packs! This adds to the integrity and transparency of the process. Note, for our FREE 'Flash Pack' promotions we will from time to time open non-graded packs that we have carefully selected from highly reputable sellers and we even re-examine them again for ourselves. We will also from time to time offer an un-graded foil or stamped plastic sealed pack. These packs are very hard to search and tamper with. Here at will only sell packs we feel extremely confident with. No need to mess around and take risks, the integrity of what we are doing and full transparency is a very high standard for us!

See the video below for an example of one of our breaks. And feel free to email me directly anytime with any questions! Can't wait to pull a gem for you! - KT

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